Prom Ideas 101: Follow These Tips For Your Prom Outfit!

Waiting for the prom night? Well, you need to start prepping at least a few weeks in advance. The is the most special day of your teen life, and you would want to style like a pro, who knows all about prom styles. In this post, we will talk about accessories, outfits and more.

  • Do your planning in advance. Keep in mind that you may need many fittings, so always ensure time in hand. Your dress should be ready at least four weeks in advance.
  • Go classic. You are 17, and it doesn’t make sense if you want to go for a corporate look. Unlike the homecoming, prom night is more formal, so stick to gowns and dresses that flatter you.
  • Buy online. Always check the online stores to buy the right designs and styles in prom outfits. Additionally, you can also pick the accessories that you need to get the look right. You can check out our new arrivals for the latest trends.
  • Get a great lip gloss. You don’t want to go matte on your prom night, so a lip gloss is a must. Always avoid the dark colors, because you need to feel young, attractive and light, and not vampy.

  • Invest in great makeup. You don’t have to look caked up for the prom. However, you still need a few essentials. The basics include a foundation, concealer, highlighter, eyeliner and mascara. We already mentioned the lip gloss.
  • Don’t go for a perfect hairdo. The prom night is all about having fun, and you don’t want to go for a hairdo that’s too hard to maintain. Just get a good hair spray, and you can easily get an updo at home.
  • Focus on your comfort. A lot of young girls make the terrible mistake of following trends without knowing what may suit them. Do not stray away from your comfort zone, because only that matters.
  • Always use a primer. Primer is an easy fix to keep your foundation and makeup in place. You will find many options in budget, but before you apply, ensure that your skin is well moisturized.
  • Don’t go high on the heels. You may want to dance, have fun with friends, which is why wearing pencil heels might not be the best idea, as far as comfort is concerned.

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