How Far Would You Consider for the Right Leather Shoe

Unique in appearance and essential to complete your everyday outfits, men’s leather shoes must be carefully chosen to offer you absolute comfort and a touch of elegance to your clothing aspect. So which pair to choose for each occasion?

Different models and a unique material

To start from A to Z, you have to know that the beauty of shoes necessarily depends on the quality of the material. To do this, the choice of leather is the ideal solution to guarantee a product combining nobility and robustness.

The derbies

It is a type of leather man shoes that must be present in your dressing room. To show up on a date or attend a meeting, derbies will be the perfect choice to make you stand out. This pair in black or brown adapts perfectly to your classy style or with jeans.

Formal and noble, this pair of shoes is often worn with costumes. Elongated straight or square toe, it is often made from a single cut of leather. In addition, it exists in several floral or grained colors to satisfy all tastes.

The shoes smooth leather generally more appearance dressed. They are therefore the only possible choice if you want to integrate them into a formal outfit (with a suit), but are not necessarily to be avoided in a more casual look. We will then preferably select a full grain leather. This means that it has kept its top surface intact (the one with the highest density of fibers). Thus, the full grain leather is not rectified, it is therefore necessary to accept its slight imperfections (they are normal, since the material is organic). We will then mainly take care that the defects are not too prohibitive (too conspicuous folds, visible veins, etc.). To choose a beautiful smooth leather, it is necessary to inspect its natural grain , which will give good information about its quality. In particular, it will allow you to see if it has been rectified (a rod that is too smooth and shiny is generally a bad sign).


It is an elegant shoe that can easily be used for informal use. It contains a leather insert sewn to the end of the shoe, one or more metal buckles and a rubber sole. It is a model sought by the generation of men passionate about men’s fashion. It can wear with jeans and a t-shirt, or with the kind of summer wearing without socks.

Chelsea Boots

Chic and smart, the Chelsea Boots are essential men’s leather shoes for winter. You can wear them with almost any style of outfit. Comfortable and easy to wear, this ankle boot will never go out of style. It is available in several designs and colors that make you feel stylish in any occasion.

To conclude, between tips and advice for choosing your leather shoes for men, all models must always be waxed or cleaned because of the degree of care and effort he uses to make himself presentable.

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