All Purpose Custom Patches For Everyday Needs

Custom patches make for a smart solution for all branding, personalizing, and accessorizing needs. A logo, a design, or even a company name, anything can be patched on regular clothes to make it a part of something. They are also very cost-effective.

Why a Custom Patch is an Amazing Idea

A custom patch has various purposes. They include but are not limited to:

  • Assigning name tags at work.
  • Making temporary uniforms.
  • Assigning brand identity to any outfit.
  • For aesthetic purposes.
  • To remodel old clothes into new fashionable clothes.
  • To cover tears in clothes that are too precious to discard.

A custom patch makes life easier for those who employ people at a job that does not have a strict uniform but needs the company logo and their name on it. It helps explore creativity in aspiring fashion designers. It also helps repair old clothes or change their look entirely with very little money and just a little planning.

Styles of Custom Patches

There are several choices for the style of custom patches. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Embroidered patches– Often used in arts and crafts and beautifying clothes. Creative people can design their own clothes with a set of embroidered patches. They are made of colorfast polyester, so there is no need to worry about color bleeding.
  • 3D patches– These are usually a type of embroidered patches. They are raised to look 3D. They work well for sportswear or temporary campaign uniform.
  • Sublimated patches– This type of digital printing with vibrant hues. These make great logos. They are also perfect for funky clothing.
  • Print stitch patches– These are a combination of embroidery and sublimated patches. They are the most colorful and photograph very well. They are perfect for flash mobs or any occasion that demands standing out.
  • Rubber patches– They are also called PV+ patches and work well on customized emblems.
  • Leather patches– Both real and faux leather can be used for leather patches. They are ideal for the cowboy aesthetic. The colors are limited in this style.
  • Flex Style patches– These are perfect for an assortment of homeware for an eclectic look. These are soft and blend in any material. They are perfect for curtains, rugs, bedcovers, tablecloths, and all household items.

Custom patching doesn’t even need help from someone else. Anybody who knows basic stitching can do it. Industrial glue works for those who cannot stitch at all.


There are two ways to fix these patches other than stitching.

  • Heat sealing– This is super easy. Placing the patch on the cloth and pressing on both sides with an iron will do it in less than 30 seconds. It might take some time to get the amount of heat and pressure right, though.
  • Adhesive– These patches come with industrial glue, which, once applied, takes about 48 hours to stabilize and then is permanent.

Heat sealing is good for soft cloth surfaces, and adhesive is good for harder surfaces.


Custom patches are perfect for DIY crafts and home beautification. They are the easiest tools in fashion designing 101.

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