All About Zipper Sliders

Today’s market is now overflowing with all types, styles, sizes, and colors of zippers. But, if you are not that observant or you don’t pay much attention, chances are you will not really see or notice the differences among zipper sliders found on zippers these days.

You can never expect a zipper to function well if the wrong sliders are used on them. This is why now is the perfect time for you to discover more about zipper sliders as a whole. The information that you can learn in this article can be of big help to you if you have plans to buy zippers or zipper sliders from different manufacturers or suppliers. This learning can come in handy, especially if the time comes that you need to replace an old or broken slider.

The zipper slider is the element that joins or separates as the zipper gets moved down or up. This is composed of the slider body, crowd or tab holder, cramper, pull tab, and others. Zipper sliders can be further broken down into different categories that depend on their specific functions.

To give you a good idea, take a look at the following common types zipper sliders available in the market  these days:

Butterfly Sliders

From their name itself, the front portion of a butterfly slider is a particular type of zipper slider that looks like the wings of a butterfly.

Non Lock Sliders with Both Side Noses

Non lock sliders with both side noses feature a nose on the lower part and the upper part of slider but none of the two noses are attached to the slider. There are doublet zipper pulls as well.

Non Lock Sliders with One Lock Hole and Non Lock Sliders with Two Lock Holes

The number of the lock hole is the key difference between these two specific types of sliders. The first one features just one lock hole and the second one has two lock holes as you can easily tell from their names.

Pin Lock Sliders

Pin lock sliders can carry out a semi autolock functions. The zipper pull and two pins are connected and these lock and work together.

Reversible Autolock Sliders and Reverse Sliders

The reverse sliders are different from the reversible autolock sliders although the two terms might just seem the same. These specific sliders are specifically used for reversible zippers and reverse coil zippers.

Reversible autolock sliders are sliders that feature a zipper pull that is flappable to the other side on a rotating track. Only a single pull is featured here.

Reverse slides are basically the nylon zipper sliders with asymmetrical top and bottom sides unlike metal zipper sliders and plastic zipper sliders. Reverse sliders, unlike regular sliders, have a higher bottom side and lower top side. They also have invisible zipper teeth with stitching visible on the front part.

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