A Guide Picking a Design for Apparel Customization

Apparel customization is an Ancient Art. It has been in existence since the early 1900s, but it went commercial two to three decades later. Apparel customization is a growing practice among people and businesses. The young generations do it to display items they like on what they were. Still, it is a way g unifying a group and for events. On the other hand, businesses use it for promotions and marketing. The trend will continue as it is fashionable and affordable.

Factors to Consider

Learning the basics of selecting a design for apparel customization is beneficial. Here are some factors to consider;

Do Your Homework

Research a design when you find that you do not know about it, but it is appealing to you. You can learn everything about the printed Black Country flags t-shirts and what it means. It will help you understand the message and any controversies surrounding it. If you are creating a design, it is vital to know your target audience to customize the apparel to their liking.

It is advisable to select something that communicates to you or aligns with your beliefs. So, do your homework.

Space Available

Different apparels have varying printable spaces. Since you cannot cover the entire clothing with logos or slogans, it is best to know your space before selecting a design. However, each piece of cloth offers a unique area where you can imprint the idea. You can choose its location depending on your market. You should not limit yourself to traditional places.

Play with Colors

The color you select for the design and apparel plays a significant role in the ultimate results. Having multiple colors will be more costly than using a single shade. The t-shirt, hoodie, or sweatpants will act as the background, and the color should complement the design you want to put on it. Consider the primary colors and how you can integrate them into your design.

Think about the printer you will use when creating the design. You want the machine to replicate what you make. Modern technology lets you input a color code, and the printer will generate the color.

Consider Different Styles

You can choose words, illustrations, or pictures for customized apparel. Each style has its power, and you can find several types for your wardrobe. However, the message should be readable. The colors and font you use will determine the legibility. Still, the quality of the image you use will determine the outcome.

On the other hand, the design needs to be fashionable. But, you can create your concept if you are a designer or customizing for a brand. The idea will depend on your objective.


Designs on clothes can create a relationship with the person wearing them. It is why you may find yourself liking a particular clothing company and being loyal to them. You can consider the elements when selecting a design for apparel customization. If a person relates with the concept, they will purchase the customized apparel.

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